Employment Opportunities

We here at Whitaker oil feel that the place you work should be a place you enjoy going to everyday.  You spend half of your waking hours at the place you work.  That is a lot of time to spend at a place you need to be.  Wouldn’t life be better if you enjoyed the place you work at?  Well we take pride and strive to make our place of business a fun and enjoyable environment for our staff.  By doing so we create a fun and enjoyable environment for our customers.  So come and join our team.

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cashier 4

There is something rewarding about being a cashier at one of our locations. You get to meet a variety of fun and interesting people from all over the states and a few from other countries. Our cashiers are some of the most important people we have on our team, You could say they are the face of our company. As one of our cashiers you are our customers first impression. Our customers may be the backbone of our company but you are the heartbeat.

Waiter or Waitress


Come join our wait staff. Not only do we serve delicious food, we have some of the best service around thanks to our friendly waiters and waitress. Every time you come to one locations you are sure to be greeted with a smile and a friendly voice. As one of our wait staff you will enjoy meeting all kinds of friendly people. A great work environment and friendly co-workers. Our customers are not all from the road, we also have a number of regular customers that visit our store every week. So join us where your not just another employee, you are one of the family

Chef and Cook


Oh can they cook! Our restaurants have some of the best cooks on the road. if your looking to fill that hunger that your belly is calling for. stop by one of our locations and satisfy that feeling. Being one of our Chef’s, Cooks, and prep cooks is one of the most satisfying careers we offer. you get to serve a variety of people from all over the country. including some of the most important people on the road, Truckers!